Burston Chapel Today

Burston Chapel has been in existence for almost 200 years.  The earliest record of it’s existence is 1825.  It was originally part of the Methodist denomination but in the last 65 years or so has been owned by Village Hope (formally the FEBV – Fellowship For Evangelising Britain’s Villages).  Village Hope is basically an organisation committed to supporting Christian ministry in rural locations.

Pastor Sam and Ginni have been living and working in the village of Burston since 1998.

Burston Chapel is different things to different people locally but the central purpose of the Chapel is for the worship of God and for the gathering of people together for this purpose.  We have two services on a Sunday.  The first is at 11am  and the evening service is at 6.30pm.  The things that govern our understanding of Who God is, and also our worship, have a basis of belief which is connected to what the Bible has to say.  If you would like to view these you do so by clicking here.

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