Christmas Events 2016

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Christmas Decs

This year there will be Carols next to the Stike School on Saturday 24th December at 5pm.  Please wrap up warm.  After the singing there will be hot soup (vegetarian options available) or HOT CHOCOLATE!

The Carols By Candlelight service will be on Sunday 18th at 6pm.

Christmas Day service will be at 10am to allow enough time to back and eat the Christmas dinner and hopefully a few more presents!

If you’re not able to join us HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS!

4 Kinds Of Christmas VIDEO: CLICK ON IMAGE

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Latin Link 26th April 2015

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LL workers

On 26th of April we are welcoming Orlando from Latin Link to share with us about the work that Latin Link do in South America but aslo in Latino communities around the world.

As a keen musician himself he is also bringing along with him some young people that he has worked with over the last couple of years who will be providing some musical accompaniment to our Sunday service.

(from the Latin Link Website)

Who we are

Latin Link is an international community with a calling to love and serve God and our neighbour. Most members of Latin Link work in Latin American countries; some work with Latin Americans in other parts of the world. Others go from Latin America to work in Europe and elsewhere. This is our ‘Latin’ link.

Where we work

Latin Link is about Latin mission and our heartland is Latin America, so most of our personnel are here. We also welcome and encourage Latin mission in Europe and occasionally place people elsewhere.

Latin Link members become part of a country ‘team’ within their country of service. Although they may live and work in different places, the team structure is part of the community aspect of Latin Link. Members in each country meet up at least once a year for a team conference or retreat; they may support or advise each other at other times, and help shape Latin Link policy nationally and internationally.

What we do

Latin Link is involved in many different things, but our heart is expressed in one word: formación.

From Spanish, this can mean ‘formation’, ‘training’ or ‘education’. To us, formación speaks of personal development and spiritual growth, leading to wholeness. We would see these finding their ultimate fulfilment in Christ.

Business formación

BUSINESS formación is about encouraging ethical employment, creating social enterprise and providing microfinance.

This is a new area for Latin Link and one we feel passionate about. It springs from seeing poverty and underemployment, and a general lack of development and investment in many places. One of the most urgent needs, we see, is to help create employment that is accompanied by Christian ethics.

Business formación is about providing opportunities for disadvantaged people and to give them the dignity of providing for their own physical and material needs and those of their families. It’s about training in business, using Christian, biblical principles such as honesty, integrity, good stewardship and generosity. We believe these values will form the bridge between the purely material and whole life, spiritual transformation.

Economic transformation through business is just one part of the process which results in improved standards of living and a renewed sense of dignity for the poor.

Social transformation happens as families are better provided for, with spare resources that can be spent on healthcare and education.

Spiritual transformation goes beyond the economic and the social. When people become disciples of Christ, the resulting transformation has the potential to influence all aspects of society.

Church formación


Church formación includes teaching and development, leadership training and whole-life discipleship for all ages.

Church is not just for Sunday.
Latin Link works with churches who ask us to help them go beyond the first stage of leading people to Christ, to become disciples, apprentices or followers of Jesus in a way that has an effect on every part of their lives.

Everyone wants to be a leader!
Some people are born leaders, natural leaders; others are surprised to become leaders. Latin Link seeks to model and teach ‘servant leadership’ and help equip the church at every level.

Praise God for the growth of the church in Latin America! Yet many churches are in their infancy. Few of the new pastors and leaders across the region have received training, and many find themselves in a position of unaccustomed power. Faced with complex challenges and with distorted teaching all around, it can be invaluable to have some personal guidance at hand, as well as help to develop their church’s activities. Sometimes we can help a church over a particular area of difficulty, or one it lacks expertise in.

Many leaders perceive the Latin American church to be in a critical state, in need of urgent input or, as one has said, ‘it may implode’.

‘In Colombia, the majority of men and women known and acknowledged as church leaders have no formal training whatsoever. This puts nothing of their legitimacy as leaders in doubt, nor even their suitability as pastors and preachers, of course. Incredibly, there are many who do a remarkable work. But it does point to a very obvious reason for the vulnerability of the Latin American church to all sorts of dubious teachings. In many cases we have a church that has abandoned the Word of God as its foundation. We have helped some churches to train their leadership in their own time  and in their premises, with us sending the teachers to spend time with them once or twice a week – that has proved very successful.’ Manuel Reaño, Bible Seminary of Colombia

Nurturing the body of Christ.
Bible study, teaching and preaching, mentoring, counselling – Latin Link members have been asked to do all these things and more. We’re keen to support church planting and growth, and to develop positive learning environments for the various groups within churches, who may be at different stages on their faith journey: children, young people, families, older people.

‘Originally from Northern Ireland, we have worked in a small evangelical church in Recife for six years. Here we have been able not only to inspire church members by using more dynamic Bible teaching methods, but also train them to teach others. Writing materials specific to the discipleship needs of the members has been a rewarding task.

‘Judith’s previous experience in accounting was exactly what the church needed to help them unravel their financial problems and get their legal registration sorted out.

‘But perhaps one of the most important aspects of our time here has been to try and show that no spiritual gift is more valuable than another, as we have motivated and led various building and repair projects in the church premises. 

Community formación

COMMUNITY formación is about meeting practical needs, restoring broken relationships and encouraging local Christians to play their part.

Latin Link supports churches in their involvement with their neighbours and the communities around about them.

Many of the churches Latin Link works with are in poorer communities, but not exclusively. We recognise there are needs in all areas and all levels of society. Some places may be lacking in any kind of meaningful community – here, the church can provide a centre.

Basic necessities 
Housing, education, healthcare, sanitation, employment, green issues… could you bring knowledge, skills or training to any of these areas?

Better relationships 
In cities, turf wars over drugs and between gangs can paralyse normal community activity. The church has a message of reconciliation and restoration – can you help bring it?

In rural areas in Latin America, communities are being torn apart by the arrival of modern technology, attractive to young people, and the traditional, unchanging way of life valued by older generations. Quechua young people seek better study and work opportunities in the larger towns and cities while the elderly are left in a state of abandonment with no state services and no-one to take over the farming of the land. In some places, there is huge pressure on land which can be commandeered, or sold over the heads of its informal ‘owners.’ Churches could have an advocacy role here – can you help?

‘We firmly believe that the gospel of reconciliation needs to impinge on all areas of life and relationships: offering salvation and relationship with God, seeking to promote peace and justice where there is conflict, and helping people to live with dignity and in harmony with God’s creation.

‘In our experience, the rural churches often receive little outside support, suffer from weak leadership and, frequently, tend to be inward looking. So a major challenge here is to strengthen the church itself, as well as to accompany and support the churches to develop a broader understanding and vision for outreach and ministry to the wider community.

Educational formación

EDUCATIONAL formación includes theological training and  preparation for mission supported by publishing and resources.

From teaching a module to supervising a PhD thesis, Latin Link sends well-qualified people to teach in Bible colleges and institutes, mission training institutions and Christian universities throughout Latin America.

Huge church growth has increased the demand and the need for trained leaders, and produced a new generation of people who want to go into mission in other parts of the world.

Latin American training institutions often struggle to pay staff, and in turn students may struggle to pay fees. Yet good training is invaluable.

Local study weekends and informal training sessions go some way to meeting basic training needs, particularly with pastors who may only be educated to primary level. Extension studies using prepared study materials have been effectively used in villages. Latin Link can help in all these areas.

Outsider formación

OUTSIDER formación means identifying with and caring for prisoners and their children, people with disabilities, street children and others at the margins.

How we approach the alien, the stranger, the marginalised and invite and welcome them into the kingdom of God is a huge challenge – and an important part of Latin Link’s heart. We have members working with Christian organisations in all the above situations.

‘I come from England having had a background in the education of children with special needs. I am currently based in Costa Rica, but my work takes me all over Latin America as I network with other Christians who have a concern for people with disabilities. Much of my time is spent in teaching and training people in ministry who want to be able to relate to those who have a disability.

By making the extra effort, adaptations, and most importantly, changing our attitudes, we can make people with disabilities feel truly welcomed and accepted.I also coordinate a ministry in our church in San José that provides some pastoral support for families who are struggling as they have a family member with a disability. Many of these families are single parent, almost all are in great poverty, and usually there is little state provision. They benefit from being able to share experiences and pray together, and sometimes they are able to support one another practically; those with more experience show others how to meet the challenges they face.

Personal formación

PERSONAL formación is about our relationship with God, an openness to lifelong learning, growing into spiritual maturity, and encouraging others to begin or continue this process.One-to-one or small group discussion about what it means to be a Christian can take place anywhere – in universities, in the workplace, in homes, in a coffee shop, on the street, even in church!

Latin Link members see the importance, not only of evangelism, but also of discipleship. Often, after making a first commitment, new Christians are left to their own devices. We want to get alongside people, to see them grow in faith and knowledge as they learn what the Bible teaches, and experience God in their lives day to day.

But what of the spiritual formation of Latin Link members themselves? Just because you’re in mission doesn’t mean you’re perfect, or immune from life’s difficulties! We all experience these at times in our lives. To help Latin Link members to flourish in their ministries and calling, we encourage lifelong learning and personal development through further study and retreats. Latin Link expects its members to be part of a worshipping community, have interests, take breaks and holidays.

Members on our Stride programme of up to two years are given a personal mentor to meet with on a regular basis. And each year our country teams have a conference. This is a time to share experiences, pray together and recharge the batteries. Rather than being set apart and isolated, we expect our people to play a full part in the local community as well as the Latin Link community and live life to the full.

Click on the box below to go to the Latin Link Website.





If you would like to donate – click on the box here…



Jamie’s Gang Easter Programme

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An Exciting line-up of crafts and games once more this year.  Hold on tight!


Burston Chapel, Mill Road, Burston

Every term time Wednesday

5.00pm – 6.30pm

All leaders are CRB checked, Cost is 50p per week (plus tuck money if wanted)

Call pastor Sam and Ginni on 01379 741816 for more details or just come along!